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Dependable and down-to-earth, she isn't afraid of jumping in and getting the job done.
She is actiekorting expedia quick to argue with Rainbow Dash in Over a Barrel, worsening the tension between the residents of Appleloosa and the buffalo.
In The Last Roundup, she refuses to tell her friends why she abandoned Ponyville to work on a Dodge Junction cherry farm.
" Too Many Pinkie Pies " Forget it, Trixie!Whether family or friend, Applejack has your back!Applejack is the first pony to have her name abbreviated in the show.She'll work her hooves till they're sore and, at the end of the day, still devote time to her best friends.When she and Big McIntosh were younger, they had conflicting ideas on how to run Sweet Apple Acres.You can't run away from your problems.In The Mysterious Mare Do Well, Applejack refers to her left and right hind hooves as "Bucky McGillycuddy" and "Kicks McGee" respectively.Applejack acting motherly to a tree in Over a Barrel.She also demonstrates a difficulty of changing her habits and routines in Applejack's "Day" Off.Guess where it is?Teacher for a Day description iphone winnen spam The apple of most farmers' eyes, Applejack is one hard-working pony!The Mysterious Mare Do Well : While dressed up, she stops a bus from falling with a single kick.To her, any job can be done with a little horse sense and hard work.M/comdotgame, the ad will open in a new window.Clears throat I didn't learn anything!
At the end of the episode, Rarity drops Applejack's damaged hat into a trash can and buys her a new hat from Manehattan.
When Apple Bloom starts speaking French in The Cutie Pox, Applejack says her sister is "speakin' in fancy".

The Apple family Main article: Apple family Applejack's immediate and extended family is featured in the show multiple times.However, she finds it hard to fit in and becomes terribly homesick.The shooting stars are meant to represent Applejack's parents, according to storyboard artist Sabrina Alberghetti." Fall Weather Friends " I've been happily workin' in the farm ever since.Rouge And Silver's Night Out game.On occasion, Applejack gets carried away with her empathy, especially with Apple Bloom.Shadow Play - Part 1 : Applejack stops a massive boulder with her hind legs before it can crush a group of ponies, then kicks it a considerable distance away.No amount of royal duties is gonna change that.I guess I just got so used to doin' everythin' a certain way, I didn't realize there were any problems.
She and Rainbow Dash compete in the Iron Pony competition in Fall Weather Friends, where their athletic feats draw a sizable korte papaverweg 8 crowd.
We here at Sweet Apple Acres sure do like making new friends!