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School voucher system pros

school voucher system pros

This variation in local programs and laws means that both the efficiency and the legality of vouchers are still open topics for debate, as is the issue of fairness.
In fact, a well-designed voucher plan would do the opposite.Individuals and organizations on both sides of the school vouchers debate have passionate arguments about whether vouchers are effective, fair, or even legal.Because school voucher programs vary from place to place, they are hard to compare.If you want your child to pray every day before classes, you can send him or her to a school that implements prayer.One likely reason is that there is real market competition across colleges and universities for students, but not for grades K-12.School vouchers are elitist and would not benefit all students equally; private schools could still turn away students and discriminate against some groups.Parents should be able to choose whatever education they believe is right for their children.While there are various ways a voucher program could be implemented, the general idea is that parents would receive a voucher that would completely or partially offset the costs of sending children to a private school.This competition across schools and parents ability to choose their childs school will force schools to maintain high quality teaching and keep unnecessary costs low.
If parents demand a school uses mandatory testing, they could, or the school could prove their worth to parents in other ways.
Let the market system work for education.

Under a voucher plan, however, parents could choose whether to send their child to a school that requires prayer or not and could choose a school for their particular religion whether Christian, Jewish or Muslim.Cities, and many foreign countries, already have school voucher programs in place, and some states are considering voucher programs.Both sides of the debate look at experimental school voucher programs and argue over whether or not they are successful.School vouchers would serve to further divide America, while public schools help to unite.Sources: National Education Association, Vouchers online, school Choices, A Citizens Guide to Education Reform online.In the shorter term, when transitioning away from the state-controlled school system, there would likely be an increase in costs.Poor quality private schools would pop up to take advantage of unsuspecting families with school vouchers.PBS, NOW with Bill Moyers: Society and Community - American Education, School Vouchers online.
Under a voucher system, schools would be much more accountable.
School voucher programs allow parents to use monetary vouchers from the city, state or federal government to pay for their childs private school education.

As a voucher system becomes more widespread, this wont be a concern.
Benefits of a voucher system.

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